For more than thirty years Aerolease has been buying, selling and leasing commercial aircraft worldwide.

With a primary focus on air freight, Aerolease built a leased fleet of cargo aircraft and formed and managed one of the most successful aircraft securitizations, Aerofreighter Finance Trust.

Aerolease has played a leading role in passenger-to-freighter conversions as the launch conversion customer for both the DC-8 and A300B4-200 series aircraft.

Currently, Aerolease is taking the lead in the regional jet market. As the world's first aircraft leasing company to order the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, Aerolease is committed to partner with Mitsubishi Aircraft to expand its global customer base and enhance the asset value of the MRJ as well as provide new value to the market and its customers.

With its strong financial partners and experienced management team, Aerolease is pursuing opportunities in the dynamic aircraft leasing and trading markets.